About a boy – Mientjie’s babyshower

Mientjie and Wian is expecting a baby boy and her sisters and friends treated them with a beautiful babyshower at the stunning Weltevreden Estate.  You could just see how excited everyone is about the expected arrival of their little one.

Mientjie is positively glowing and I can just see how she is going to be one of those moms who is going to take motherhood in her stride!  Mientjie and Wian I hope your little baby boy will be a constant blessing with good health, many nights of sleeping through and easy teething:)

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Mientjie babyshower-43Mientjie babyshower-40Mientjie babyshower-46Mientjie babyshower-51Mientjie babyshower-54Mientjie babyshower-57Mientjie babyshower-63Mientjie babyshower-65Mientjie babyshower-67Mientjie babyshower-69Mientjie babyshower-70Mientjie babyshower-71Mientjie babyshower-74Mientjie babyshower-75Mientjie babyshower-81Mientjie babyshower-87Mientjie babyshower-93Mientjie babyshower-97Mientjie babyshower-98Mientjie babyshower-102Mientjie babyshower-117Mientjie babyshower-119Mientjie babyshower-120Mientjie babyshower-123Mientjie babyshower-139
Mientjie babyshower-156Mientjie babyshower-151Mientjie babyshower-158Mientjie babyshower-160Mientjie babyshower-162Mientjie babyshower-164Mientjie babyshower-165Mientjie babyshower-166Mientjie babyshower-172Mientjie babyshower-174Mientjie babyshower-176Mientjie babyshower-179Mientjie babyshower-183Mientjie babyshower-193

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