Cari – Newborn

This family just snuggled into my heart from the moment I met them.  After photographing them I realised that 3 is the lucky number when having kids.  It seems that this is the time when the parents just start relaxing about all the small things and become REALLY at ease with parenthood and life.  Or so it seems with my only two friends who have three children and definitely seems like it with the Truter family.

Baby  Cari was just perfect in every single way!!! There is not much more to say than that and when the baby is happy the mommy is happy and the photographer is happy and then the rest (meaning the active siblings) just falls into place:)  We just had such an amazing time during this shoot and even managed to get the perfect shots of the older siblings with their new “doll”:)

Loved every moment of this shoot – thanks Truters!


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