Danelle & Hendrik – Maternity

Danelle & Hendrik is expecting a baby girl and as always Danelle is looking absolutely gorgeous while almost at the end of her pregnancy (some women just have all the luck):).

Arriving at their farm I was welcomed by their two four-legged girls who jumped into my car and accompanied me to their front door.  This is the type of welcome I enjoy and I knew we were going to have a great afternoon capturing their family of four and the expectance of the new little person joining them soon.  I can’t wait to meet her!

Danelle & Hendrik Maternity-8Danelle & Hendrik Maternity-10Danelle & Hendrik Maternity-12Danelle & Hendrik Maternity-21Danelle & Hendrik Maternity-26Danelle & Hendrik Maternity-32Danelle & Hendrik Maternity-35Danelle & Hendrik Maternity-40Danelle & Hendrik Maternity-42Danelle & Hendrik Maternity-43Danelle & Hendrik Maternity-46Danelle & Hendrik Maternity-49Danelle & Hendrik Maternity-54Danelle & Hendrik Maternity-56Danelle & Hendrik Maternity-60Danelle & Hendrik Maternity-64Danelle & Hendrik Maternity-69Danelle & Hendrik Maternity-74Danelle & Hendrik Maternity-75Danelle & Hendrik Maternity-81Danelle & Hendrik Maternity-83Danelle & Hendrik Maternity-86Danelle & Hendrik Maternity-93Danelle & Hendrik Maternity-99Danelle & Hendrik Maternity-101Danelle & Hendrik Maternity-104Danelle & Hendrik Maternity-109Danelle & Hendrik Maternity-113Danelle & Hendrik Maternity-119

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