De Jager Family

All the way from England, this beautiful family came to South Africa for the holidays to visit their relatives and contacted me for a family shoot.  Besides the Wellington heat we had a super fun time with little Heidi getting a bit of the African soil between her toes:)

Nicole’s beautiful hair and makeup was done by Marli Basson

De Jager-familie-3De Jager-familie-5De Jager-familie-8De Jager-familie-12De Jager-familie-17De Jager-familie-18De Jager-familie-23De Jager-familie-25De Jager-familie-27De Jager-familie-38De Jager-familie-39De Jager-familie-44De Jager-familie-47De Jager-familie-55De Jager-familie-59De Jager-familie-60De Jager-familie-70De Jager-familie-73De Jager-familie-75De Jager-familie-76De Jager-familie-80De Jager-familie-87De Jager-familie-90De Jager-familie-92De Jager-familie-93De Jager-familie-96De Jager-familie-99De Jager-familie-102De Jager-familie-104De Jager-familie-107De Jager-familie-112De Jager-familie-114

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