Roland & Sam – an engagement for 3

Roland sure knows how to keep his lady happy!  What guy would fly his girlfriend’s best friend down from Grahamstown just so that she can share her joy and excitement with her bestie on the big day?  That is real commitment:)

Roland asked Pippa from The Perfect Proposal to make sure all his plans for popping the big question went down as smooth as possible.  Pippa suggested the amazingly beautiful La Residence (I am absolutely in love with this place and want to set up camp there) and after that it went without saying that the proposal would be a stunning, elegant event with 5-star service for the lovely Sam.

Roland and Sam you guys are such a lovely couple and I enjoyed every moment of sharing your big day.

Roland & Sam-2Roland & Sam-4Roland & Sam-6Roland & Sam-9Roland & Sam-12Roland & Sam-14Roland & Sam-15Roland & Sam-16Roland & Sam-20Roland & Sam-22Roland & Sam-25Roland & Sam-29Roland & Sam-34Roland & Sam-36Roland & Sam-39Roland & Sam-43
Roland & Sam-49Roland & Sam-55Roland & Sam-58Roland & Sam-61Roland & Sam-65Roland & Sam-68Roland & Sam-70Roland & Sam-73Roland & Sam-74Roland & Sam-80Roland & Sam-83Roland & Sam-87Roland & Sam-91Roland & Sam-97Roland & Sam-101Roland & Sam-107Roland & Sam-114Roland & Sam-116Roland & Sam-118Roland & Sam-120Roland & Sam-123

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