Stander family

As I’ve mentioned before, I love getting repeat business from clients and growing with their family.  I photographed Liam’s christening (what feels like ages ago) and felt very privileged when Anke contacted me for a follow-up family shoot.  A few years down the line and this family is just as great and fun to photograph.

Stander familie-2Stander familie-6Stander familie-9Stander familie-13Stander familie-16Stander familie-18Stander familie-25Stander familie-27Stander familie-29Stander familie-33Stander familie-41Stander familie-46Stander familie-50Stander familie-52Stander familie-55Stander familie-58Stander familie-60Stander familie-64Stander familie-67Stander familie-77Stander familie-81Stander familie-85Stander familie-87Stander familie-95Stander familie-98Stander familie-102Stander familie-107Stander familie-117Stander familie-122Stander familie-125

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