The Marais family

Nina and Jac with their two beautiful children live in Gauteng but booked me for a family shoot on a recent visit to their family farm in the winelands.

I drove out to the farm very early one morning (I seem to be awake a lot earlier these days…):) and was pleasantly surprised with the beautiful setting and eagerly awaiting family as I arrived there.  Nina and Jac taught me the absolute genius of bribery that morning as photographs were the last thing these two little ones was in the mood for when I arrived (you can’t tell in the pics due to the bribery):)…chocolates seems to do the trick.

I enjoyed every moment of this shoot and hope Liza, who is a very strict critic, will approve of her pictures:)

Marais gesin-3Marais gesin-5Marais gesin-9Marais gesin-14Marais gesin-18Marais gesin-21Marais gesin-23Marais gesin-25Marais gesin-28Marais gesin-37Marais gesin-39Marais gesin-46Marais gesin-50Marais gesin-51Marais gesin-54Marais gesin-55Marais gesin-58Marais gesin-60Marais gesin-62Marais gesin-64Marais gesin-70Marais gesin-74Marais gesin-76Marais gesin-79Marais gesin-82Marais gesin-84Marais gesin-87Marais gesin-88Marais gesin-91Marais gesin-93Marais gesin-95Marais gesin-100Marais gesin-103Marais gesin-106Marais gesin-108Marais gesin-114Marais gesin-117Marais gesin-121Marais gesin-123Marais gesin-125Marais gesin-127Marais gesin-129Marais gesin-130Marais gesin-136Marais gesin-138Marais gesin-143Marais gesin-145Marais gesin-148Marais gesin-151Marais gesin-157Marais gesin-163

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