Chereen, Sean & Noah

I think this is my biggest blog post to date!  I just couldn’t choose only a few photos to blog.

Chereen was the winner of a family shoot I gave away on the fabulous blog, Momtrepreneur  a few months ago; but this

shoot became much more than just a prize I gave away…  Chereen and I struggled so much to secure a date that suited us

both that months went by…

In the meantime Chereen and I became Facebook friends, I started following her amazing blog and learnt that she has the

amazing job of Beauty Editor of Oprah magazine and of course that she is a wife and mom to super adorable Noah.

What a super woman!

By the time I finally met Chereen on the day of the shoot it really felt as if we’ve been friends for ages even though I was still a

little bit in awe of her amazeball-ness (being a beauty editor and all):):)

I would like to thank the amazing Nantes Estate for allowing me to shoot there and use their venue as the amazing backdrop

for this shoot!





























































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