Lace Blossom bridal shoot

I was booked by the amazing Erna from Lace Blossom to photograph her newly launched, breathtaking “getting-ready gowns” for brides.  These gowns are the ultimate accessory for brides who want to wear something delicate and beautiful on their wedding day while getting ready.

These are on my list of top 3 favourite shoots I’ve done to date and I just love all of these images and feel incredibly proud of them.

Here are my favourite images from the day:

Designer:  Lace Blossom

Hair and Makeup: @helgabridal 

Location: Boston Cottage

Model:  Arina Le Roux

Licia Brynard

Lace Blossom-1Lace Blossom-2Lace Blossom-3Lace Blossom-4Lace Blossom-5Lace Blossom-6Lace Blossom-7Lace Blossom-8Lace Blossom-9Lace Blossom-10Lace Blossom-11Lace Blossom-12Lace Blossom-13Lace Blossom-14Lace Blossom-15Lace Blossom-16Lace Blossom-17Lace Blossom-18Lace Blossom-19Lace Blossom-20Lace Blossom-21Lace Blossom-22Lace Blossom-24Lace Blossom-25Lace Blossom-26Lace Blossom-27Lace Blossom-28Lace Blossom-29Lace Blossom-30Lace Blossom-31Lace Blossom-33Lace Blossom-34Lace Blossom-35Lace Blossom-36Lace Blossom-37Lace Blossom-38Lace Blossom-39Lace Blossom-40Lace Blossom-41Lace Blossom-42Lace Blossom-43Lace Blossom-44Lace Blossom-45

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  • Carin TheartOctober 12, 2016 - 1:24 pm

    The photo’s of model Arina le Roux is absolutely STUNNING. The gowns are very stylish and she make them even look better. I have not in a long time saw a person so perfect. Definitely every women’s dream to look like her.ReplyCancel