The Coetzee family

I almost don’t need to write anything about this family – they are one of those who needs no introduction! Everybody who knows them loves them!  I met them last December and had an instant like for every single one of them (especially little, wild child Hannah who stole my heart).

This was also my first time at the amazing Rhodes Memorial and I was completely blown away by its beauty!

I think this is the perfect post for a Sunday – sit back and relax:)

Coetzee familie-1Coetzee familie-2Coetzee familie-3Coetzee familie-4Coetzee familie-5Coetzee familie-6Coetzee familie-7
Coetzee familie-10Coetzee familie-9Coetzee familie-11Coetzee familie-12Coetzee familie-13Coetzee familie-14Coetzee familie-15Coetzee familie-16Coetzee familie-17Coetzee familie-18Coetzee familie-19Coetzee familie-20Coetzee familie-21Coetzee familie-22Coetzee familie-23Coetzee familie-24Coetzee familie-25Coetzee familie-26Coetzee familie-27Coetzee familie-28Coetzee familie-29Coetzee familie-30Coetzee familie-31Coetzee familie-32Coetzee familie-33Coetzee familie-34Coetzee familie-35Coetzee familie-36Coetzee familie-37Coetzee familie-38

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