The Duvenhage family – Webersburg

I met Danelle and Jan-Hendrik years ago when none of us had any children or real responsibilities:)  Years later they now have the 3 most beautiful boys and asked me to photograph them on a recent visit to the Cape (they are all the way from Namibia).  We spent a perfect summers morning at Webersburg, and the shoot lasted just long enough for the two oldest boys to stay in their fancy outfits:)  I love how Danelle is the rose amongst the thorns and how these 4 men in her life absolutely adore her!

Duvenhage familie-1Duvenhage familie-4Duvenhage familie-15Duvenhage familie-19Duvenhage familie-21Duvenhage familie-26Duvenhage familie-27Duvenhage familie-31Duvenhage familie-34Duvenhage familie-35Duvenhage familie-38Duvenhage familie-40Duvenhage familie-42Duvenhage familie-43Duvenhage familie-45Duvenhage familie-47Duvenhage familie-51Duvenhage familie-54Duvenhage familie-57Duvenhage familie-63Duvenhage familie-64Duvenhage familie-65Duvenhage familie-68Duvenhage familie-70Duvenhage familie-72Duvenhage familie-73Duvenhage familie-74Duvenhage familie-76Duvenhage familie-77Duvenhage familie-85Duvenhage familie-86Duvenhage familie-90Duvenhage familie-92Duvenhage familie-96Duvenhage familie-99Duvenhage familie-100Duvenhage familie-102Duvenhage familie-107Duvenhage familie-113Duvenhage familie-115Duvenhage familie-117Duvenhage familie-119Duvenhage familie-122Duvenhage familie-124Duvenhage familie-127Duvenhage familie-128Duvenhage familie-129Duvenhage familie-134Duvenhage familie-138

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