The Ferreira family

This was such a special shoot to me… I was asked to photograph the Ferreira family by a kind “stranger” who wanted to treat this special family to a special experience and give them beautiful family photos.  I was informed that the family’s oldest daughter, Mia Cara was recently diagnosed with ALL Leukemia and they were going through a very tough time.  After receiving all this information I had such mixed feelings about this shoot.  Once you have your own children you are much more sensitive to anything that concerns children in general and I just wanted to burst out in tears every time I thought about what this little girl and family must be going through.

I contacted Sumien and told her about the gesture and she agreed to me photographing them.  Unfortunately due to Mia Cara having to spend so much time in hospital with her treatment we really struggled to find a date for the shoot and in the end when we finally secured a day it was one of the hottest days of the summer so far!

I was extremely nervous about this shoot as I really wanted to make 110% sure that they were going to have the best photos possible and also as I wasn’t sure how strong and able Mia Cara would be.

What a surprise I received!  This was really the most beautiful family to photograph and Mia Cara was having a fabulous day, running and playing around me.  Unfortunately I can’t say the same for little Sophia who was going through a rough teething patch and not too impressed with me:):)  Even now a few weeks after the shoot I am still so amazed when I look at the photos at how strong Sumien and Jose seems and how they managed to spend time with me in front of  the camera, smiling and having a fun morning with both their two beautiful girls even though they must be going through their own personal hell.

Mia Cara is currently going through intense treatment and I pray with all my heart that she will completely recover from this terrible illness and that these photographs will always be a wonderful memory of just a fun day in the very hot sun with Sophia going through a bad teething patch!

Thank you so much to the beautiful venue, Two Birds at the Dairy Shed for allowing me to shoot on your premises.

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