Troskie familie

This beautiful family have movie-star good looks and I had such an amazing time photographing them.  Whilst editing I couldn’t help smiling most of the time as each of these little children have such different personalities and I hope their mom and dad will think I was spot-on with capturing them:)

Troskie familie-2Troskie familie-5Troskie familie-9Troskie familie-11Troskie familie-16Troskie familie-20Troskie familie-23Troskie familie-25

Troskie familie-31Troskie familie-34Troskie familie-39Troskie familie-42Troskie familie-49Troskie familie-50Troskie familie-54Troskie familie-57Troskie familie-61Troskie familie-63Troskie familie-65Troskie familie-71Troskie familie-75Troskie familie-79Troskie familie-80Troskie familie-81Troskie familie-86Troskie familie-89Troskie familie-95Troskie familie-100Troskie familie-108Troskie familie-111Troskie familie-114Troskie familie-115Troskie familie-123

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